The Swimwear Brand Designs For Mothers


Our Story

I became a mom in 2013. I quickly realized how hard it was for a new mom to find swimwear. I was looking for a piece that would flatter and embrace my new body. It had to be a piece that was appropriate for me to wear amongst other mothers and babies at the pool. A piece that would allow me to move carefree as I played with my baby. A piece that would make me feel comfortable, confident and stylish... I became a stay at home mom after getting pregnant with my second child. I started drawing my ideal swimwear in between the baby's naps/feedings and then it turned into designing my first collection.

When we found out our second baby was a daughter, the overwhelming love for her inspired me to create a matching line for her as well. 

Aurein swim is about understanding a new mom's need to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident. For Au